About Us

Our Story

In 2021, we started with a vision to make Japanese live entertainment more accessible and discoverable for international audiences. Japanese events have huge potential and are actually, super awesome!  

We want to help you experience something new and exciting - live entertainment events are definitely one of the best experiences you can have in Japan but it is hard to buy or even find tickets. That’s where we come in, we have compiled a list of available events in Tokyo along with some tips on how to buy tickets. We are here to help you discover Japanese events! 

Our Mission

We will provide you with full support from finding your Japanese event to purchasing your tickets. 

You may be asking: Are those tickets really valid? What if the event is cancelled? Is there anyone to help when a random question comes up? We cover all of that. We will always have your back throughout the whole process!

100% VALID

All tickets are official & reserved under your name. 


No more research needed. Just ask us & we get your tickets.


All tickets are backed by our Buyer Guarantee.


You can visualise where to sit before going to the venue!


We try our best to cover your requests or questions!

* A seat map will be provided for all the purchased tickets, but may not be provided if the seats are general admission, or hidden by the event organiser.

Buyer Guarantee





4 Steps to get your tickets


Choose events from our event list, or request any events in Japan!


We will come back with some options - choose the one you like the most!


 After the payment is confirmed, your tickets will be secured.


We can ship after you arrive in Japan, or can ship internationally.

* You can  skip the inqury process for the events with a see availability page, and proceed to pay for tickets process directly.


Our service fee: 

2000 JPY (12.5 USD approx.) per ticket. 

 * 8% for tickets more than 30000 JPY/ticket


Can you book event tickets that are not on the list?

 Sure! Send us a request from here!

Can you reserve tickets that are not on-sale yet?

Yes, we will book tickets for you ON the general on-sale date. You can request from here. In case we cannot secure your tickets, we will provide a full refund, including our fees. 

I submitted the wrong information by mistake. What can I do?

Don't worry, you can inform us after we contact you by replying to our message. However, please notify us BEFORE we secure your tickets.

Can I cancel/ change my order after my tickets are secured? 

No, unfortunately event organisers in Japan do not allow any changes or cancellation once tickets are secured. So, it is not possible. Tokyo Event Ticket will allow change/ cancellation before you proceed to pay for your tickets, but not after the payment is complete. 

The event is postponed or cancelled...

Please read our policy for cancellation and postponement below.


If an event is postponed, you may use the tickets on the rescheduled date. 


If the event is cancelled and the event organisers offer buyers a refund, we can take care of your refund process under the conditions that we hold your tickets. We will not charge an extra fee for this refund process. However, our service fee and costs will not be refunded.

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My schedule changed and I cannot go to the event...

We can resell your tickets. We cannot 100% guarantee if the tickets will be sold, but it’s better than letting them go to waste. If successfully sold, we will send money to you after deducting 1500 JPY resale service fee per ticket (consumption tax inclusive) and actual costs of secondary platform fee and shipping fee etc.

As Japanese law requires, resale prices will be below face value. Please let us know if you need any assistance!

Will the seats be consecutive when booked together?

Yes, but only up to 4 seats per booking. Most events in Japan allow only 4 consecutive seats. But you can always ask us - we will try our best!

I paid for tickets. But unfortunately, there were no tickets available in the market.

This could happen because of some time gap between quotations and actual bookings. In this case, we will refund the full amount to you without any deductions. 

What are your shipping options?

We have 3 shipping options:

   1. Local shipping to your accommodation

   2. Local post office pick up

   3. International Shipping

For local shipping, we can keep your tickets until you travel to Japan. Also, we may suggest other options(e-ticket etc.) only if it's possible and easier for you.

Do you allow international credit cards?

Yes, we are partnering with a globally renowned payment gateway for safe & secure transactions.

What is your fee for?

We charge our service fee, that is to provide a full-support service for you.

Our service includes: finding tickets, sharing important information, reserving tickets by your name, keeping them safely with us, shipping on your preferred date, getting any event information you may ask, handling refunds when events are cancelled, reselling when your plan changes, and more.

We will also charge a shipping fee, transaction fee and a ticket acquisition cost but those are going to the other companies…

General inquiry

For ticket purchase inquiry, we recommend you contact us through the ticket booking page for an easy and fast reply. For general inquiry, you can contact us from here