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How to buy Tokyo K-pop concert tickets?

K-pop is massive in Japan and is one of the top contents in the live entertainment industry - tickets are super popular and usually hard to get, and those are mainly for domestic customers. Here are some tips on how to get K-pop tickets in Japan.

1. How tickets are likely to sell out for Kpop shows in Japan?

The difficulty of buying tickets depends on the popularity of the K-pop artists. There are ways to size their popularity by looking at the size of the venue and career of the group, which will give you a brief idea of how likely the tickets are to be sold out.
Debut(or first live in Japan) - Ticket availability: depending on the artists.
If K-pop artists debut for the first time in Japan, they usually open up small fan meetings for up to 1000 capacities even though their music sales are already good. If the size is bigger than this they are already super well promoted, as a new star. At this stage, they start with a very conservative capacity, so if the artists are popular tickets are likely to sell out quite quickly (e.g. it happened for AB6IX debut). The promoter usually does not promote much at this stage, so for the majority of artists tickets are not selling out. 
Small Japan Tour  - Ticket availability: easy
If they start having more demand than 500 capacities for their concert, they start touring in Japan mostly in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka (could be Sapporo, too). The venue size will be 500-1000. If the demand is less than that, they would perform only in Tokyo (and Osaka if the demand is slightly bigger). This is the starting point for most of the new K-pop artists. They tend to get over capacity by doing double performance on the same day so it is relatively easy to get tickets usually.
Zepp Tour - Ticket availability : mostly easy but be careful
Most of the popular artists would scale up to this version of tour - around 2000 capacity such as Zepp, Nakano Sunplaza etc. Zepp tour is the most typical tour for this new raising k-pop artists and this means that they are doing quite well in Japan. They go from 3 to 10 shows depending on their popularity but this is amazing - 10 shows already mean 20000 capacities total! As the production cost is lower and they can do multiple shows on the same day, usually tickets are not likely to sell out, especially when Zepp does not offer a second floor seating, the promoter estimates that the events will not likely sell out. They keep all the fans on the first floor so it looks like events are crowded - this is for the artists' motivation, too. However, some popular events are likely to sell out especially in Tokyo and Osaka. For example, when the events are offering second floor of the venue (meaning they estimate that 1st floor seating might sell out) and more than 8 shows in total (meaning the shows got quite a demand), you might want to be careful that tickets might sell out especially around Tokyo and Osaka.
By the way, usually fans will miss this time of the career of the artists. When the artists get even more popular, they cannot see artists as close!
Up to 5000 venue tour - Ticket availability: depending on the numbers of the shows
If the artists get even more famous than Zepp Tour stage, they start booking around 5000 venue such as Tokyo International Forum. This means that the artist is already a major artist. As the venue is bigger, usually the budget for stage production would go up! You get to see your favorite artist with a spectacular stage production.
Ticket availability depends on the number of events. if they have 1 or 2 events only, you might want to be careful that tickets can be sold out as they can fill the Zepp tour sizes above. if the events go nation-wide and perform multiple shows on the same day, tickets are less likely to sell out. But Tokyo is the first place to sell out as most of the fans would attend Tokyo shows, so you might want to watch out for the ticket availability.
Arena Tour - Ticket availability: depending on their past history
 A venue called arena would generally be a venue of 10000 capacities and this is the BEST stage you can get in Japan (e.g. Saitama Super Arena, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Jo Hall etc.) although there are bigger venues; stadiums. Some artists prefer the size of the venue as the sound and lighting in the arena is way better so they get to do their stage production more creatively. As you can imagine, this level of artists are really popular, so tickets are quite hard to get.
But to give you a tip, you can have some estimation of ticket popularity from the last performance of the artist.
 1. Jumping up from smaller venues: if the artist was performing in a smaller venue last time, it means their popularity went up and tickets were more likely to sell out. The promoter would estimate around 80% of total capacities will be filled - this is quite ambitious if their last show was in a smaller venue. It is more likely that the popularity of the artists went up and the promoter still plays conservatively even though they booked a bigger venue for them. So tickets are more likely to be hard to get.
 2. Downsizing from Dome Tour: there could be 2 reasons.
     - Their popularity got lower:
      Unfortunately, this can always happen in the show biz... Tickets will usually be easier to get. However, please note that the promoter will secure suitable sized venues and core fans will fight for the best seats. So tickets are "easier" to get, but good seats are quite hard to get. 
     - Other reasons (e.g. different concert styles or could not secure venues): 
      as an arena has a better sound compared to a stadium, if they are trying to do a different style of the concert (ballad type of "singing" show for example), they would rather choose arena, or sometimes it was just not possible to secure stadiums for multiple reasons. If this is the case, as you can imagine, it's the same popularity as a smaller venue. Tickets are usually hard to get.
 3. Same size as last time: check the last show
    If the last show was the same size, probably the artists kept their popularity, which is amazing as the arena size is definitely for major artists. You can check how the last show went, and probably it will probably go in a similar way this time, too.
Dome Tour - Ticket availability: difficult.
The biggest venue in Japan is a stadium such as Tokyo Dome, Nagoya Dome, Kyocera Dome etc. Their capacity jumps up to 40000 and touring in those stadiums is called "Dome Tour" - REALLY FEW SUPER STARS can do the shows at this level. Even though the sound is not considered to be the best, imagine the view with 40000 fans and artists - isn't this something you want to celebrate how far the artists made to come to this stage?
As you can imagine this is the stage for super stars, tickets are most likely to sell out. The only exception is when they open up something like more than 15 dome tour events (i.e. 600000 capacity in total...). They could be 90% full but just because they provide a huge number of seats some of the seats can still be available. Of course, you are lucky to find those seats!

2. Get better seats to become a fan club member

For most of the fans, attending the concert is not good enough, they want BETTER tickets - as close as possible to the artists. Here are some tips on how to get better seating tickets.  
Become a Fan Club Member for the Best Seat: 
Usually the ticket on sale would start from the fan club member and you have to be a paid member - usually it would cost around 5000 JPY annually and you get to have a right to attend lottery process - meaning that you can apply for the tickets but only the shortlisted winners will be able to get tickets.
Often times, they allocate the best seats to these paid fan club members but the seat allocation process is random - so attending this FC member will have the best chance of winning the best seat but you cannot control the probability of getting the best tickets.
If the applications are less than capacity, it is likely that everybody in the fan club will get tickets (which is depending on fan club policy) unless another ticketing company is offering some cash to secure separate allocations. Also, the policy of selecting lottery winners depends on each fan club - they can prioritize the probabilities of winners (e.g. new/old members, members they did not win yet etc.) still most of the fan club use the function to be fair for fans - not the other way around. 

3. Other chances of getting better tickets

Usually all the best seats tickets are secured for fan club members - but there is still a chance you can get a good ticket.  
Earlier stage of on sale:
Earlier is better. Even after the on sale for the fan club is over, if you are still looking for a better seat, earlier will be better, generally. 
Released tickets:
After the lottery is done, they allocate seats to the winners but some winners do not pay for the tickets they win. These tickets will be released and available for purchase again. The timing of the release is controlled by the organiser, so it is hard to tell when and how.
View restriction seats/ stage side seats:
Closer to the event date, the organiser will finalize the stage production plan. Then they will find some empty space closer to the stage but usually those are view restricted seats called "stage side seats" - you cannot see the full event production but you get to sit really close to artists if that's ok with you. 

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