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How to buy music festival tickets in Osaka?

Japanese festivals tend to be super clean and child-friendly - the age of the main target group is rising as they continue to attract old fans. It can also be one of the most internationally friendly events in Japan - most people are super inclusive and happy. Here are some tips on how to get tickets for music festivals in Osaka.

1. Plan ahead to buy tickets

Generally, same as Tokyo area, festival tickets are not hard to get as they are usually held outdoors or have a large capacity. All you need to do is plan ahead to buy tickets. The "Tickets Currently Available in Osaka" list above shows the tickets that are currently on general sale. You can also go to the official website - they may start their own pre-sale tickets. The list of major music festivals is below.
Check to see Osaka music festival calendar! 
MEGA VEGAS 2024 Kobe World Kinen Hall, Hyogo 2024/03/09(Sat) - 03/10(Sun)
TENDOUJI presents OTENTO'24 Osaka (WEST) Osaka GORILLA HALL OSAKA 2024/03/09(Sat)
KOBE SONO SONO'24 Hyogo Roadside Station Kobe Fruit & Flower Park Osawa 2024/04/06(Sat)
Saka-no-ue Music Festival 2024 Osaka Tenshiba Park 2024/04/13(Sat) - 04/14(Sun)
Acoustic Festival 2024 Hyogo, Kobe VARIT. etc. 2024/04/20(Sat)
MAIZURU PLAYBACK FES 2024 Kyoto MAIZURU MAIZURU P.B. Harbor Park 2024/04/28(Sun) - 04/29(Mon)
OTODAMA'24 - OTODAMA Soul Osaka Izumiotsu Phoenix 2024/05/04(Sat) - 05/05(Sun)
Gobugobu Festival Maple River Lawn, Expo '70 Commemorative Park 2024/05/11(Sat) - 05/12(Sun)
METROCK2024 (Osaka) Osaka Sea and Sea Communication Square 2024/05/11(Sat) - 05/12(Sun)
arifuji weekenders 2024 Hyogo Arima Fuji Park Recreation Zone 2024/05/18 (Sat)
COMING KOBE24 Kobe Meriken Park, Hyogo 2024/05/19(Sun)
KOBE MELLOW CRUISE 2024 Hyogo Kobe Meriken Park 2024/05/25(Sat) - 05/26(Sun)
SAKAI MEETING 2024 Osaka International Exchange Centre for Persons with Disabilities (Big Eye) 2024/05/25(Sat) - 05/26(Sun)
Hachikita Music Fest 2024 Hyogo Hachikita Kogen Ski Resort 2024/06/01(Sat)
Kyoto Daisakusen 2024 Kyoto Tateyama Castle Sports Park, Taiyougaoka Special Outdoor Stage 2024/07/06(sat) - 07/07(sun)
OSAKA GIGANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2024 Maishima Sports Island, Osaka 2024/07/20(Sat) - 07/21(Sun)
SUMMER SONIC 2024 OSAKA Osaka Expo Commemorative Park 2024/08/17 (sat) - 08/18 (sun)
HAZIKETEMAZARE FESTIVAL 2024 Osaka Izumiotsu Phoenix 2024/10/26(Sat) - 10/27(Sun)

2. Early bird tickets

Early bird tickets are a great deal - you should get tickets as soon as possible once your schedule is settled. Usually each of the websites has their own unique ways of selling tickets, so if you are trying to get at this early bird ticket, you can visit an official website for more information. 

3. Camping/ parking tickets 

Admission tickets usually sell out until the last minute, but camping and parking tickets are usually faster to sell out. If you wish to go to an overnight event and buy those tickets, it is recommended to purchase them early!

4. Admission tickets at the venue on the event day

If the events are not sold out, they will usually have a ticket booth for you to purchase tickets at the venue. However, the venue can be really far away from central Osaka/ Kyoto - make sure you bring a bunch of cash and check if they are selling tickets at the venue before you go.

5. See Events Lists

Below is the event lists of Osaka music festival tickets. You can also check the list below to see what's going on!

All events

2024/3/9 (Sat) ・ 2024/3/10 (Sun)


Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo Prefecture)

2024/3/9 (Sat)


Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo Prefecture)

2024/3/31 (Sun)


Kyoto KBS Hall (Kyoto Prefecture)

2024/5/4 (Sat) -2024/5/5 (Sun)

OTODAMA'24 -Otosen soul-

Izumiotsu Phoenix (Osaka)

2024/6/8 (Sat) ・ 2024/6/9 (Sun)

Hakase Taro Music Festival 2024

Kamigamo Shrine (Kyoto Prefecture)