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How to buy Tokyo music festival tickets?

Japanese festivals are usually super clean and also child friendly - the age of the main target is going up as they keep attracting old fans even now. Also, this can be one of the most international friendly events in Japan - most of the people there have a super inclusive and happy mind. Here are some tips to get tickets for music festivals in Japan.

1. Plan ahead to buy tickets

Generally festival tickets are not super hard to get as they will take place outside or will have a huge capacity. All you need to do is plan ahead to buy tickets. The list of "Tickets Currently Available in Tokyo" above shows the tickets that are currently available for general sale. You may also go to the official website - they may start their own pre-sale tickets. You can find the list of main music festivals below.
Check to see future music festival calendar! 
Mezamashi TV 30th Anniversary Fest Tokyo Tokyo Garden Theatre and 8 other venues nationwide 2023/04/16 (Sun) - 03/17 (Sun)
earth garden "winter" 2024 Tokyo Yoyogi Park Zelkova Avenue 2024/01/20(Sat) - 01/21(Sun)
masala festival 2024 Kanagawa Pia Arena MM 2024/01/20(Sat) - 01/21(Sun)
DOUBLE: Tokyo Ikebukuro harevutai Tokyo Ikebukuro harevutai 2024/01/26(Fri)
GMO SONIC 2024 Saitama Saitama Super Arena 2024/01/27(Sat) - 01/28(Sun)
BAYCAMP 202402 Kanagawa CLUB CITTA'+A'TTIC 2024/02/10(Sat)
LIVE EMPOWER CHILDREN 2024 Tokyo Tokyo International Forum Hall A 2024/02/15(Thu)
Zephyren 10th Anniversary A.V.E.S.T project Kodo Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium 2024/02/17(Sat) - 02/18(Sun)
ENDRECHERI MIX AND YOU FES FUNK&FUNK Pia Arena MM, Yokohama, Kanagawa 2024/02/23(Fri)
ANI-ROCK FES. 2024 My Hero Academia PLUS ULTRA LIVE Kanagawa Yokohama Arena 2024/02/24(Sat) - 02/25(Sun)
J-WAVE TOKYO GUITAR JAMBOREE 2024 Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan 2024/03/02(Sat) - 03/03(Sun)
All you can watch Tokyo 2024 Tokyo Shinjuku LOFT etc. 2024/03/02(Sat)
Spring Love Spring Breeze 2024 Tokyo Yoyogi Park Event Square 2024/03/16(Sat) - 03/17(Sun)
PUNKSPRING 2024 Chiba Makuhari Messe 2024/03/16(sat) - 03/17(sun)
ASHIKAGA FES.2024 Tochigi Watarase riverbed North multipurpose square 2024/03/23(Sat)
TENDOUJI presents OTENTO'24 Tokyo (EAST) Kanagawa Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'. 2024/03/23(Sat)
V point presents TSUTA ROCK FES 2024 Chiba Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9-11 2024/03/23(Sat) - 03/24(Sun)
Kaze to Rock Saitama Super Arena "FURUSATO" (Saitama Super Arena) Saitama Saitama Super Arena 2024/03/30(Sat) - 03/31(Sun)

I ROCKS 2024 stand by LACCO TOWER Gunma Megane no Itagaki Bunka Hall Isesaki (Isesaki City Cultural Hall) 2024/04/05(Fri) - 04/07(Sun)
eplus presents GO-AheadZ Chiba Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9-11 2024/04/06(Sat) - 04/07(Sun)
SYNCHRONICITY'24 Tokyo Spotify O-EAST and other venues 2024/04/13(Sat) - 04/14(Sun)
yui nooto 2024-YUINOTE Ibaraki Yuki City Cultural Centre ACROSS, etc. 2024/04/20(Sat) - 04/21(Sun)
VIVA LA ROCK 2024 Saitama Saitama Super Arena 2024/05/04(Sat) - 05/06(Mon)
KING SUPER LIVE 2024 Kanagawa K-Arena Yokohama 2024/05/11(Sat) - 05/12(Sun)
Mugino-Autumn Music Festival 2024 #Harvest Saitama COEDO Craft Beer Brewery 2024/05/11(Sat) - 05/12(Sun)
METROCK2024 (Tokyo) Tokyo Shinkiba Wakasu Park 2024/05/18(Sat) - 05/19(Sun)
CAMPASS 2024 Chiba Shonan Dream Farm 2024/05/25(Sat) - 05/26(Sun)
GREENROOM FESTIVAL'24 Kanagawa Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 2024/05/25(Sat) - 05/26(Sun)
Hibiya Music Festival 2024 Tokyo Hibiya Park 2024/06/08(Sat) - 06/09(Sun)
KITASAN ROLLING 2024 Gunma G Messe Gunma, etc. 2024/06/22(Sat) - 06/23(Sun)
TAKASAKI CITY ROCK FES. 2024 Takasaki Arts Theatre, etc. 2024/06/22(Sat) - 06/23(Sun)
LuckyFes'24 Ibaraki Kunitachi Seaside Park 2024/07/13(Sat) - 07/15(Mon)
SUMMER SONIC 2024 TOKYO Chiba ZOZO Marine Stadium & Makuhari Messe 2024/08/17(Sat) - 08/18(Sun)
TOKYO ISLAND 2024 Tokyo Sea Forest Park (forestation area) 2024/10/12(Sat) - 10/14(Mon)
THIS FES'24 Kanagawa Sagamihara Guion Field and surroundings 2024/10/26(Sat) - 10/27(Sun)

2. Early bird tickets

Early bird tickets are a great deal - you should get tickets as soon as possible once your schedule is settled. Usually each of the websites has their own unique ways of selling tickets, so if you are trying to get at this early bird ticket, you can visit an official website for more information. 

3. Camping/ parking tickets 

Admission tickets usually sell out until the last minute, but camping and parking tickets are usually faster to sell out. If you wish to go to an overnight event and buy those tickets, it is recommended to purchase them early!

4. Admission tickets at the venue on the event day

If the events are not sold out, they will usually have a ticket booth for you to purchase tickets at the venue. However, the venue can be really far away from central Tokyo - make sure you bring a bunch of cash and check if they are selling tickets at the venue before you go.

All events

2024/3/1 (Fri)

PLAYLIST PRESENTS "Remove headphones" Vol. 7

Toyosu PIT (Tokyo)

2024/3/10 (Sun)

Piko Fest 2024

Toyosu PIT (Tokyo)

2024/3/16 (Sat) ・ 2024/3/17 (Sun)

Punk Spring

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center 9.10.11 Hall (Chiba Prefecture)

2024/3/30 (Sat)

Counterattack from a live house! "I lost to Corona, but here is the game!" ~ Palooza 15th. Anniversary ~


2024/4/12 (Fri) ~ 2024/4/14 (Sun)


Fuffle (Shizuoka Prefecture)

2024/5/5 (Sun)

Tokyo International Music Festival

Ota Ward Citizens' Hall Aprico Hall (Tokyo)

2024/5/10 (Fri) ・ 2024/5/11 (Sat)

Yokohama Ginbae Turi Turi Yuto Fuezu Emperor Ryusu all gathered! GINBAE TRIBUTE FESTIVAL!

KT Zepp YOKOHAMA (Kanagawa Prefecture)

2024/5/10 (Fri) ~ 2024/5/11 (Sat)

Yokohama Ginbae Turi Turi Yuto Fuezu Emperor Ryusu all gathered! GINBAE TRIBUTE FESTIVAL!

KT Zepp YOKOHAMA (Kanagawa Prefecture)

2024/5/25 (Sat) ~ 2024/5/26 (Sun)

Alpine Outdoor: Presents HAKUBA Yahoo! FESTIVAL 2024

Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort Mountain Society Special Stage (Nagano Prefecture)

2024/5/25 (Sat) ・ 2024/5/26 (Sun)

Alpine Outdoor: Presents HAKUBA Yahoo! FESTIVAL 2024

Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort Mountain Society Special Stage (Nagano Prefecture)

2024/5/26 (Sun)

Hokkaido DISCO Night! !

MAHARAJA Roppongi Annex (Tokyo)