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Kabuki at Kabuki-za Theater in Tokyo

Kabuki at Kabuki-za Theatre

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Tips: How to buy Tokyo Kabuki Tickets

Depending on the venue, Kabuki tickets are usually popular and often sold out, especially at weekends.  Here are some tips on how to get tickets!

1. Get as soon as general on-sale tickets get available.

Kabuki tickets go on general sale approximately one month before the first performance. You can check our list of tickets above.  You will need to act quickly, especially on weekends - tickets are very competitive.

2. Book tour package tickets

Some travel companies have been able to offer Kabuki tickets in advance as package tours (before COVID). You can secure tickets well in advance (around 6 months) compared to general on-sale tickets - sometimes tickets are very competitive.

3. Go to the box office on the performance day for general admission tickets.

Kabukiza - a Kabuki theatre in Higashi Ginza - offers a limited number of general admission tickets for the day. The tickets are cheaper (500 JPY to 2000 JPY depending on length and popularity) because the seat is far from the stage. The venue is not that big, so it's still quite comfortable to watch. Also, you only get to see 1 act. Usually Kabuki will perform 3 or 4 acts per show and it will last about 4 or 4.5 hours. 1 act would be 30 to 90 minutes - so it is a good chance if you are not ready for the whole show.  As you can imagine, this ticket is usually very popular and competitive, so you might want to get there early!

4. Try tour tickets - Jungyo

Kabuki also tours all over Japan (called Jungyo). As this is not a regular Kabuki venue, there are fewer regulars - which means tickets are cheaper and more available. They often do this Jungyo tour near Tokyo, which could be a good opportunity for you.

All events

2024/2/28 (Wed)

Nomura Mansai Kyogen evening Kodaira performance

Rene Kodaira Great Hall (Tokyo)

2024/3/1 (Fri) ~ 2024/3/23 (Wed)

Super Kabuki Yamato Takeru

Shimbashi Theater (Tokyo)

2024/3/3 (Sun) ~ 2024/3/26 (Tue)

March Great Kabuki

Kabukiza (Tokyo)

2024/3/7 (Thursday)

Mansai Nomura Kyuho Performance

Chofu City Green Hall Large Hall (Tokyo)

2024/3/26 (Tue)

Shih Nakamura Kansaburo Diruts

Urayasu City Cultural Center Large Hall (Chiba Prefecture)

2024/3/27 (Wed)

Shih Nakamura Kansaburo Diruts

Fuchu no Mori Arts Theater Ochimu Hall (Tokyo)

2024/4/2 (Tue) ・ 2024/4/3 (Wed)

31st Dedication Yasukuni Shrine Night Sakura Noh

Yasukuni Shrine Noh Theater and Uchien (Tokyo)

2024/5/3 (Fri) ~ 2024/5/26 (Sun)

Kabukicho Daikabuki


2024/5/6 (Monday)

2024 Club SOJA Planning of Tofu New Tokyo Performance New TOCLASSICS "Ponders"

Kinokuniya Hall (Tokyo)

2024/5/14 (Tue)

The 21st Shinda Akira Firing Noh "Myojin Noh / Yuken no Hana"

Special stage in front of Kanda Myojin Hall (Tokyo)

2024/6/19 (Wed)

Mansai Nomura Kyogen evening Funabashi performance

Funabashi Citizen Cultural Hall (Chiba Prefecture)