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Tips: How to get sumo tickets in Osaka

 Sumo is one of the most unique sports that originated in Japan and also super popular - tickets are really hard to get. Here are some tips for getting sumo tickets.
Osaka has nurtured its own unique sumo culture, including tanimachi culture and Osaka Sumo. Every year in March, the Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament is held, and the area around the Edion Arena, the venue of the tournament, is transformed into a colorful sumo atmosphere. In addition, every fall, tournaments are held in various parts of the prefecture, and a national women's sumo tournament is held in Sakai, making it a place with close ties to sumo.

1. Get as soon as they get available

Usually, the most possible way is to get them as soon as they are available. You can see the schedule below - and can try to get as soon as possible!
See Sumo Tournament schedule
January tournament @ Ryogoku Kokugikan From early Jan to late Jan (2 weeks) March tournament @ EDION Arena Osaka (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium) From mid Mar to late Mar (2 weeks) May tournament     @Ryogoku KokugikanFrom early May to late May (2 weeks) July tournament     @Dolphin's Arena (Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)From mid July to late July (2 weeks) September tournament    @Ryogoku KokugikanFrom early Sep to late Sep (2 weeks) November tournament  @Fukuoka International CenterFrom mid Nov to late Nov (2 weeks) 

2. Try Sumo Osaka tour - Jungyo

Sometimes they also tour all of Japan (called Jungyo), which includes Osaka and Kyoto area - also the tickets are easier to get and cheaper.  If you get the chance to stay in Japan during this time, you are lucky! 

3. The alternative way is Sumo Hall

THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA, you can not only enjoy a sumo show in English while dining, but also enjoy interactive entertainment such as meeting sumo wrestlers (former sumo wrestlers) in the actual sumo ring (stage) and taking photos.The Sumo Hall HIRAKUZA OSAKA offers not only a sumo show in English while you enjoy your meal, but also interactive entertainment such as meeting sumo wrestlers (former sumo wrestlers) on the actual sumo ring (stage) and taking commemorative photographs.The meals are served in a Japanese-style bento box, with the option of Halal, vegan and premium kaiseki bento boxes.

4. See Events Lists

Below is the event lists of Osaka Sumo tickets. You can also check the list below to see what's going on!

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March Grand Sumo

Edion Arena (Osaka)

2024/4/1 (Monday)

Sumo Spring Tour Minoh Banpaku

Minoh Municipal Daiichi General Sports Ground (Minoh Sky Arena) (Osaka)

2024/4/2 (Tue)

Sumo Spring Tour Hamasaka

New Onsen Town Hamasaka Junior High School Gymnasium (Hyogo Prefecture)