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Kabuki at Kabukiza Theater

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1st ¥ 16000 (120 USD approx.)2nd ¥ 12000 (90 USD approx.)3F A ¥ 5500 (41 USD approx.)3F B ¥ 3500 (26 USD approx.)

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FebruarySannikichi Satomoe no Shiranami1st part:The strange fate of the three thieves... Late at night on Setsubun. A thief dressed as a beautiful girl, Ojo Kichisa, steals 100 ryo from Yotaka's pocket and pushes it into the Okawa River. Obo Kichizou, a villain who lost his family, watches the whole story. When the young lady is stopped, the two begin a fight to hoist 100 ryo. Then, a man passing by cuts in between them. This man was originally a thief at Kisshoin, and his name is Osho Kichizo. The priest arbitrated the dispute between the young lady and the monk, and the three of them made a vow of brother-in-law because of the relationship of the same name "Kichizo". The 100 ryo that the young lady stole will be in the custody of a priest for a time, but after that, as if led by a strange fate, it will pass through the hands of various people. What is the fate of the three thieves with the same name... Mokuami Kawatake, a famous author who was active from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period and celebrated his 130th anniversary this year, is a representative work of Shiranamimono, in which many thieves are active. This time, we will perform an excerpt from the three acts and five scenes of the skillfully elaborated Toshikyogen, where the fate of the 100 ryo gold and the famous sword Koshinmaru are intertwined. Don't miss the detailed development that reveals the unexpected fate of the characters, from the famous line "Okawabata Koshinzuka", which is familiar with the famous line that starts with "The moon is also dim and the white fish...". The decadent social conditions of the end of the Tokugawa shogunate are strongly projected, and the stage is filled with the beauty of paintings.
Second part1. Onna KurumabikiGorgeous dance performed by the wives of the three brothers Head of Yoshida Shrine in Kyoto. Matsuomaru's wife, Chiyo, Umeomaru's wife, Haru, and Sakuramaru's wife, Yae, wear the work clothes of her husband, who is her tonery, and prepare for car inquiries and "New Year's celebration" dishes. Dance happily and cheerfully to show them how they do it. From one of the three great Kabuki masterpieces, "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami," the act "Kurumabiki" is a scene in which the triplets Matsuomaru, Umeomaru, and Sakuramaru are divided into allies and foes and pull the Imperial carriage. In this work, Kiyomoto's dance is performed by replacing the famous scene with each of the wives, and the idea of ​​'Kurumahiki' is used everywhere. Please enjoy the lively atmosphere of the stage.
2. Uchibune Benkei , one of the 18 new Kabuki playsA large piece of Matsubamemono is performed as a memorial kyogen. Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Musashibo Benkei and his retainers, who were shunned by their brother Yoritomo and headed for Kyushu, arrived at Daimotsuura. Here, Shizuka Gozen, Yoshitsune's mistress, is to be sent back to the capital, and Shizuka dances with sorrow of parting. Before long, the ghost of Tomomori Taira, who died in the Battle of Dan-no-ura, stands in the way of the group that has started rowing under the command of the captain. One of the New Kabuki Juhachiban, a dance drama with Matsubamemono based on the Noh play "Funa Benkei". One actor performs Shizuka Gozen's sorrowful dance in the first half, and Taira no Tomomori's spirit in the second half. Please look forward to the dignified and solemn dance drama that will be performed as the 13th anniversary of the death of Tomijuro Nakamura V, who was a hit.
Third partThrough Kyogen Miracle KameyamahokoNizaemon Issei, The Charm of Evil Blooms Out of Koshu Isawa-juku. Townspeople rumor that Hyosuke Ishii will take revenge on Enshu Hamana's family, who met with Mizuemon Fujita, who secretly avenged his older brother. Even at the end of the hour, Mizuemon, who is calm and relaxed, kills Hyosuke by the cowardly method of pouring poison into the sake cup that he exchanges before taking revenge. With this as the beginning, in order to clear Hyosuke's guilt, the adopted son of the Ishii family, Gennojo, his wife Omatsu, and the geisha Otsumara, who is in love with Gennojo, are in vain with the enemy Mizuemon group. I'm going to unfold the bargaining of people. The clever and brutal tricks of the fearless Mizuemon one after another, and the members of the Ishii family who stand up. As expected, the ending is... Strewn with eccentric twists unique to Nanboku Tsuruya IV, this unique story is based on an actual revenge incident (Kameyama's revenge), depicting the 'revenge' of the enemy. The main highlight is the thorough cold-bloodedness of the main character, Mizuemon. In the story, Hachirobei, who has the same appearance as Mizuemon, also appears as an accomplice to Mizuemon. Keep an eye on the thrilling development that will keep you breathless until the end. Nizaemon Kataoka will serve as Mizuemon Fujita and Hachirobei the Recluse for the first time in his life. Enjoy a masterpiece of revenge from the North and South, which will be performed for the first time at the Kabukiza Theater.

Venue view:


Kabukiza theater


4 Chome-12-15 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo

Kabuki at Kabuki-za?

Kabukiza theater in Tokyo announced to resume August performances 2020. This is the first time in five months since the performance was stopped in March due to the new coronavirus .
 "August Hanakata Kabuki " from August 1st to 26th is a four-part system of "Lenshi ", "Stick Shibari", " Yoshitsune Senbonzakura  Yoshinoyama ", "Yojojo Ukina Yokokushi Genji Store", Ainosuke Kataoka , Nakamura Kankuro , Sarunosuke Ichikawa , Koshiro Matsumoto and other young mid-level performers will appear.
 To prevent the spread of corona infection, the cast and the background are all replaced. There are two front and rear seats, and two or more seats along the flower path. Kabuki's famous kakegoe, such as shouting the actor's name and  say“I was waiting”, are not allowed. Before and after the performance, open the door to ventilate the venue.
 Kabukiza was suspended its performance from March 2 - which was the first day of "March large kabuki". They also suspended "thirteen generation Danjuro Ichikawa Shirosaru Shumei showcase".

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